Create A Glowing Bathroom Nightlight

It was well below zero today with the windchill… -20 as I type with NO windchill… Needless to say, I found plenty in my house to keep me busy.

I packed up the last of Christmas (no book to distract me enough today… though I’m reading two good ones…) and decided to act on an idea I had two years ago when we moved into this house.  It involves Christmas lights!

I had noticed that my bathroom sink countertop was translucent… I don’t remember how I figured that out… who knows what I was doing… but for years this idea would pop into my head.

I like nightlights… we kind of live in a dark area, no streetlights, you understand!  So if the moon isn’t up or out, you either flick on bright lights in the middle of the night, or squint and hope those digital ON buttons glow enough so you can figure out where you’re walking before you run into a wall.  Nightlights are helpful in a new house, my old house I could walk through in the pitch dark!

Anyway, I figured I’d try my idea… and I LIKE IT!

It was easy, too…

First drill a hole closest to the outlet you’re going to use.  (Now if I’d had this idea BEFORE we finished the bathroom, I could have put an outlet UNDER the sink.  I’d recommend that you do!)  You must make it big enough your cord end will fit through.  I used 1 1/4″.

bathroom nightlightNext, figure out how you want to hang your lights… cup holders would work, nails (if you’ve room to swing a hammer), heavy duty tape, or my choice… screws.    You just want them solid, you’re NOT drilling *through* anything.  Just strong enough to hold up a string of Christmas lights.  I suppose even those removable hooks may work.  Put one in each corner or whatever you need for your chosen hanger.

bathroom nightlight



Wrap around the vanity’s interior.  You can decide if you want them close to the countertop, which will give you more points of light, or down a bit to give a soft glow.  Of course, choose indoor/outdoor lights so if moisture is a problem, it won’t be a bad experience!

Now, plug in your light!

bathroom nightlightThis will be my next creative challenge… coming up with ideas to cover up the hole and the part of the light string that leads to the outlet.  Something needs to be done with it!

The next part is the hardest… waiting for dark to see how successful you were!

bathroom nightlightJust at dark, I took this photo!  I love it!  Don’t mind the one fairy light above the sink… I’ll think of something!

bathroom nightlightI’m loving the glow!  You can see where the overflow drain runs and where there is a sticker on the underside.  If I can’t peel it off easily tomorrow, I may create a fossil fish sticker!  Remember, my bathroom has fossil fish on the walls, so if I can create a big sticker and turn the square sticker into a fossil fish… wouldn’t that be cool????

Fair warning:  it is hard to put in screws under such a little cabinet, but stick with it (or start a pilot hole with a nail, which is what I had to do)… I think you’ll love your soft glowing bathroom nightlight!


Create A Glowing Bathroom Nightlight — 7 Comments

  1. You could make a short extension cord to act as a jumper between the outlet and the lights so that the first light is under the sink.

  2. That one little light on the string near the plug -> put a burnt out bulb in it. The lights will work but you wont have that one BRIGHT one.

    Love the sticker IDEA….

    I may have to steal your idea for my small front bathroom. I have a plug under the sink too.

  3. That is the coolest night light ever! My husband is an electrician and I’m going to show him that. I’ll bet some of his customers might like something like that! Assuming it doesn’t violate any electrical codes! lol!

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