Looks Cold to Me

It started off at -21 here at my house, -30 up at the other place… but by afternoon, it had warmed to 20!  It was our day in the hills, meaning we had to make the loop in the badlands to check water.  I’ve been wanting to go along for a month, and get you some pics, and here, on Wednesday, we’ll be bringing the cows in!  Well, it always seemed to fall on a day I was working or cooking and preparing for the holidays.

So, I was going to miss it today as well.  With all the wind, getting around in a pickup was getting pretty impossible, and the boys were going to take their snowmobiles.


I’m not going.

I don’t mind snowmobiling… but I kind of like to putt along and take pics, and the guys are more zoomers… so I handed my camera off to Daniel, who promptly passed it along to Brandon, and begged for a couple of pics for you!

Here they are!

It still looks cold to me, no matter the 40 degree difference from this morning!

lone trackbadlandssnowmocowboys****

Time for the first Question and Answer session for 2014!  Any more questions you need answered?  Post ’em in the comments!



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  1. Just curious – when it is this cold, do you up the amount of feed you throw out so the cattle have more calories to burn as their metabolic rates increase?

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