A Chance to Win!

It’s a week away…


Yup, January 20, 2008, I started writing a bit on my blog connected to my Rimrock English Shepherds website.  My!  How things have changed!

So let’s have a giveaway!

Leave a comment with Rafflecopter below, let me know what your favorite part of Red Dirt has been!  Do you have a favorite picture, story, or how about a movie?  Your entry entitles you to one chance at winning one of my 2014 Red Dirt calendars, a $20 value!!!  You can sign up once a day until midnight on January 19.  I’ll announce the winner on my blogoversary, January 20th!

I’ve never done this using Rafflecopter… so we’ll give it a shot and see how it works!

Best of luck!

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A Chance to Win! — 16 Comments

  1. Hi Carol,

    There are too many things about your family, hobbies, dogs, ranch life, etc. to pick one favorite segment. It is such a different life than what I live in Indiana and I find it a chance to live vicariously through your camera lens and your stories. You just keep doing what you are doing and I’ll check in on a regular basis to get my “fix” of the West and life as it is on Greet Ranch.

  2. Hi Carol,

    There are too many interesting things about your ranch life, your family, your hobbies, your dogs, etc. to pick a favorite. Your blog takes me to another world away from my life in Indiana and gives me a chance to live vicariously through your camera lens and your stories. Please continue to do what you do, and I’ll continue to check in on a regular basis for my “fix” of life in the West, as it exists on Greet Ranch.

  3. I love it all! However, I especially have enjoyed your grandchildren, your projects such as the chicken house, your house renovations and especially the puppies. Please update the dogs site with more alumni photos!

  4. I couldn’t leave a comment either–but it put one in for me, a quote from your entry! Hmmmm.

    Hard to pick favorites, I love seeing the ranch work, so far removed from my suburban existence. And the dogs, I love the dogs working, mine only “work” at dog sports. And your family, love your family! So many generations working together to a common goal. I just enjoy seeing you every day–never know if a calf will be orphaned, a herd counted through a gate, or a lecture on pysanky or other crafts!

  5. I tried to leave a comment also, but it wouldn’t let me! My favorite part has always been the dogs. Elsa was my favorite. My all time favorite entry was about Boomer and the fire.

  6. Entered above but couldn’t leave a comment.

    I found your website by googling English Shepherd several years ago. We had one named Tippy when I was a kid on the ranch and 30+++ years later I have another, a great companion ES named Henry.

    I love the photos of the dogs, horses, cattle, mountains, weather, grandkids. I especially love the Q&As and the education you are providing to non-ranch folks. Thanks for sharing your ranch life with us!

  7. Thank you for your hard work as a ranch wife mom & grandmother & daughter to Uncle Johnny. Your blogging & crafting reunites me with the heritage of family & legacy of hardwork I was removed from literally a lifetime ago. Blessing to you & your dear family. Barb

  8. Same here, couldn’t leave a comment.

    My favorite part has been a glimpse into the life of ranchers, the ups and downs, and daily life most people don’t think of. LOVE watching your grandbabies too, especially as I have a two year old as well!

  9. I love all the pictures of your daily life and the stories. gives me a glimpse of what life is like that is so different from my own.

  10. Congratulations! I’m sitting here at my desk looking at the snowy image of January on the calendar. So – while I’m trying to concentrate on payroll – tax laws – human resources needs – and making our systems ‘dance’ correctly – I get to day dream a little of living a different life – a life of my ancestors in East Texas, Missouri and Minnesota. And the days my great grandfather worked the great cattle drives and the Chisholm trail – which lead to our family being in Texas.

    Reading your blog helps me connect with that history, so THANK YOU for all you post.

  11. I really liked how you explained the “jacket” you make from a dead calf to get an orphaned calf excepted by the other mother. I also found the ear tag numbering system very interesting. Thank you! OH…and your crafts!!!!

  12. I couldn’t leave a comment on my entry, so I’ll do it here! I get to live my dream of being a cattle rancher vicariously through your blog! (Of course I can come up with a new favorite for every entry I make, so I hope they fix the comment thing!!)

  13. Well, it wouldn’t let me leave a comment … but my favorite part of Red Dirt has been the videos of Dally herding cattle. Poetry!

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