Why Is That?

I asked, “If I drive the Durango down to my studio, do you think I’ll get stuck?”

“Nah, it goes pretty good.  ‘Sides, if you do, I’ll come pull you out.”

Jinxed right there.

It’s tricky driving down there, it’s slanted and short of room by the dog kennel… so, yes, after I unloaded some boxes of crafting supplies, I tried it.  Maybe if there wasn’t soft snow on top of crusty snow with a fine layer of ice mixed in… but there was.

My fifth attempt was close, so on my sixth, I gave it even more gas, and spun sideways thanks to the slant, as previously mentioned.  I now faced downhill, 90 degrees from how I started.


Well, curses.

I *could* go downhill… across the dip of the field and up towards the shop… but I knew the snow was even deeper there.

What the hell?  He’s gotta pull me out anyway, let’s see exactly HOW stuck I can get my car!

Come to find out, I can get it stuck enough the pickup couldn’t get enough traction either (and he was smart enough not to get too close to the Durango), so he left for the tractor.

You know, I’ve been with him plenty of times when he’s gotten stuck… and we just get out and do whatever needs to be done to get us unstuck… no big deal.  But when *I’m* driving… it’s different.  I get upset.  I feel inadequate… an indictment of my driving skills… I get mad.  I get frustrated!  I always feel if *he* were driving, we wouldn’t be pulling out chains and tractors to get me UNSTUCK.

Vernon doesn’t care, it’s just me.

Why is that?

I got over it quickly enough… it’s not like we were stuck all day or anything!

Besides, I got the best comment from Patr who insisted my Durango was now a Duran-no-go!  That made me laugh!  Wish I’d thought of it!

(If you didn’t see the pic from yesterday, click here.)


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Why Is That? — 10 Comments

  1. Carol, I just love everything about your writings. I don’t know another person who is as adept as you are. I am glad that there are people who love ranching and living outside of town. That life was not for me……….love living in the city. but also love hearing about your escapades on the ranch.
    Happy New Year!!

  2. No big deal! You were where someone could find you, someone knew where you were, close to food and water and generally safe. No big deal! Same can’t be said for me who got stuck in a *supposedly* dry lakebed in the middle of Death Valley 5 miles from the nearest (dirt and untraveled)road, no cell service, no Ham repeaters, and no one knew where I was.

    Thank goodness for having a SPOT emergency beacon! So compare it to that! Now do you feel better? How will you ever know what you can and can’t do unless you try?? Get stuck more often, then maybe it won’t bother you so much!! But stay where you can be found (says the voice of experience!!)

  3. Hi Carol, I don’t have an exact favorite, but I loved the series of posts involving Dally trying desperately to venture into see Elsa puppies. She wanted so badly to mother them and was met with the wrath that only a new mom knows. 🙂 If I remember correctly, didn’t Dally even have milk come in? I love dogs and therefore any post sharing stories of your dogs was/is a delight. We have a llewellin english setter named Kestrel. (We have a wicked sense of humor.) There is nothing more lovely than seeing a dog working by instinct.

  4. I really love that you share the “wrecks” with us. Somehow it’s comforting to know that we aren’t the only ones that wade through messes now and again…….but still we love ranching! Yeah, I like the wrecks!

  5. I love learning how to do crafty things! (Not that I’ll ever do them! Although the yogurt thing was really tempting!)

  6. This comment/entry should be for the 16th… I’m late. lol I love watching your grandkids grow. (just another favorite thing about your blog)

  7. Why do we do those things to ourselves? Like we’re the only ones that mess up and we know we’re not. Love your stories.

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