Blogoversary Winner

Thanks to everyone who entered my contest for a Red Dirt 2014 calendar!  Today is officially my blogoversary!

2008.  Wow… 2008!

I NEVER thought I’d blog this long… I didn’t think anyone would find me!  But I did and you did, and together we make a great team!

I loved reading your comments… what you like to see, what you like to hear about… it honestly made my week!  You have enriched my life with your interaction.  I feel like I know many of you because of this tiny blog and that meets my criteria for “Make the World a Better Place”.  Friendship does that!

I hope you stick with me for a few more years…  I’m rather addicted to this blogging thing now!  I appreciate each and every one of you!  Thanks for making this fun!

OK, enough exclamation points… let’s get to the winner of the calendar.

school reflectionsOoops… just had to add this pic(!)  Jaxon watches as Quinlan (on the right) and his new friend peer out the school doors.  This was taken as we supposedly went to watch the basketball game Saturday.  Vernon watched.  Tess and I chased boys up and down hallways(!)

The winner is…

Karyn N.!

Karyn, I’ve sent you an email… get back to me with your address, and a Red Dirt Calendar will be on its way(!)  Thanks, so much(!)

(parenthetical exclamation points don’t count)


Blogoversary Winner — 8 Comments

  1. Well, I guess I’ll just dry my tears at the disappointment in not winning the calendar!! Just kidding. I have really enjoyed reading your blogs. All the best in the future………and even if I didn’t win (sniff) I’ll still be reading and watching your site!~ Marie

  2. Happy Anniversary!! Thank you for the first picture and the story, someday the boys might be running on the court instead of in the hallways!
    Jaxon has a signature stance 🙂
    I got a calendar for Christmas, my third one, love it!

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