Amazing Day

A few months ago, I received a call asking if I might be interested in talking to the Johnson County Cattlewomen at their Ag Summit.  (Yes, I live in Washakie County… this was in Buffalo, Wyoming… a *traveling* speaking engagement!)  I warned them I was more of a public WRITER than SPEAKER, but they wanted me anyway!

Today, I did it.

I did not tell them how I practiced on my drive to work, while alone cleaning my house, or random sections practiced with a curious Lucas at my feet.  I did not talk about the indecision on which posts to read.  And only a few heard directly how nervous I was at the last minute!  😉

agsummit copyI shared the story of Red Dirt In My Soul – the Blog, and then read a few of my more humorous entries.  It must have worked because they laughed at the appropriate places!  It was a great setting to get my feet wet, I couldn’t have had a nicer, more understanding audience.

I spent a little money in Buffalo, then hit the road to home.  You remember this route, I’ve taken you along it’s curvaceous highway before.  I timed it perfectly, getting to lower my sunvisor, raise my sunvisor, lower it, raise it, lower it, raise it.  I met many a snowmobiler coming down pulling his sleds behind his pickup… but no moose nor elk this trip.  The sun kissed the mountain tops goodnight as snowfence sentries stood at attention.

snowfenceI dropped into Ten Sleep Canyon where a warm glow welcomed me home.

Ten Sleep CanyonThank you, Johnson County Cattlewomen, for taking a chance on me… this was an amazing day!


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  1. は、実際には公開されていることを何楽しみました。それは、神に見捨てられ、インターネット上で私の時間を無駄にしないためのように歓声男本当に(..あなたが知っているREAD、単純に移動する前に、いくつかのuniterestedと肉を食べるゾンビのようにそれを通過していない)を読み取るための素晴らしい記事を見つけるために、その簡単ではありません。 :Pの

  2. 。グーグルを閲覧しながら、私は自分のページにつまずきました。アイブ氏はそれを救いました。病気間違いなく戻って。私はあなたがまだ新しいシュレックの映画を見ている、不思議でしたか?私は、これは左のフィールドから知っています。私はビデオ店によって停止して今夜を借りる必要があります。それは素晴らしいです。さようなら。

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  5. I’m a little late in sending congratulations on being a guest speaker! I bet it leads to other avenues of sharing ranch life. And today’s first photo was very interesting with the blend of colors and the snow (i.e. sable and white, like my Taffy!!). The second picture reminded me of the pioneers coming to a notch (gap) in the mountains, and wondering what lie ahead!

  6. Congratulations! Way to go!
    There is no feeling like descending into Ten Sleep and that feeling of being home washes over you, even for those of us that just visit. 🙂

  7. Congratulations! You keep this up and you won’t have time for ranching! Of course, now that you admitted it publically, everyone knows you were nervous! ;o) I know you did great!

  8. I just know you did a great job. I am sure you informed many of what is so interesting to many of us about ranching and no doubt how it affects our lives.

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