Wildlife Meditation

Well, football’s over… Vernon was gone snowmobiling… I’d cleaned and crafted and was ready for *something different* for my Sunday afternoon.


Grabbed cameras and dogs and we went for a drive.


What’s that?

Oh, yes, those pesky elk that have been hanging on the highway…  Highly dangerous, especially at night, this herd has moved to a ridge right off the highway.  Just about dark, they decide to cross the road and go… I don’t know… get a drink?  eat some greener grass? attempt to be a chicken?

Anyway, we warn everyone we see that lives up this way… BE CAREFUL driving at night.

I about got two bulls the other night… dirty buggers.

Well… ok, I *love* seeing elk in the daylight… it’s just at night… on the highway… I call them nasty names!

elkBut if there’s a nicer way to spend a quiet Sunday afternoon… I don’t know what it is.  I sat and watched them for a couple of hours, taking pics.

Call it my Wildlife Meditation!


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