Knock on Wood

We didn’t get back home until after dark.  While the morning started cold, below zero in various spots as we drove along for 3 hours, by the time we arrived in Riverton, the day had finally warmed up, and it actually was 41˚.

41˚!  Wow.

Somehow that camera of mine forgot to get out of the pickup… so no pictures of my mysterious activities until we were headed home.

So here it is!

new hiveUnder the blue blankets is my new top bar bee hive, complete with bees!  Tomorrow I’ll set them up, and let them settle in.

The trip home was great until we got to Worland and a blizzard hit!  It remained 20˚ but the snow was blowing sideways and the road was yucky!  I hope the bees take it well, this transition from the little snow of Riverton to our 15″ here at home!  Extra feed should help, and knock on wood, I’ll have a successful hive for once!


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