Bee Adventurous IV

It was a warm day… it actually rained for a bit… rain on snow means mush everywhere and ice when it cools down again.  I pursued some indoor projects…

My Indian room has needed curtains since I moved in.  I’ve repurposed the original lined draperies into a bedskirt and today I made a pillow case and valance FINALLY.  Then I spent an hour wondering where I put those stupid curtain rod brackets!  Well, that’s easy enough to buy when I go to town, but then I’ll find the originals!

The window needs the trim painted as well, and the baseboards actually NAILED in place and now my Indian room looks like a war zone!

I also will be sewing some valances for my mud room and making The Cutest Baby Girl presents ever!  Lots of girls seem to be pregnant around Ten Sleep, so by the time I finish all the gifts, I might be actually good at it!

Best of all, I have a short video for you in my continuing Bee Adventurous Series!  Maybe this will explain things a bit better!

Bee Adventurous IV from Carol Greet on Vimeo.


Bee Adventurous IV — 2 Comments

  1. Why does it matter if the bees want their combs to go perpendicular to the cross bars? Just makes it harder for you to work with them?
    Lots of pregnant ladies in Ten Sleep, and two of them are Greets! Your family is making a significant contribution to a Ten Sleep population boom.

    • Yes, if the combs aren’t on the top bars but across them, you can’t harvest your honey without great difficulty… which is the point of having bees!

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