It was one of these days.

wheel artIf the roads are nasty, then we’re probably headed somewhere… Today it was Cody, where our pickup had an appointment for early tomorrow morning.  I would have delayed the trip, but in 5 days or so, our heifers will really be calving, and getting time to drive that far, just doesn’t happen!

So, reluctantly, I drove the Durango and Vernon the pickup to Cody.  Immediately after dropping off the pickup, I handed the Durango’s keys to Vernon.  I’d had quite enough!  Flat light and unplowed roads are not my idea of fun!  They were snow packed, not slick, but I did stop once and kick all the snow and ice from my wheelwells.  They were packed full, and grinding on each little bump!

We didn’t spend much time there before heading home, and thankfully, the light had changed, and some of the roads had completely melted.  If you’ve never driven in flat light, just think of it as driving through fog, where details are blurred and depth perception is absent!  I’m glad it’s over, and I can return to my hermit lifestyle!


Hermit — 1 Comment

  1. Sounds very treacherous! Glad you know the roads and are careful drivers.

    Have you heard that most of the Great Lakes are frozen over? And ~
    Niagara Falls actually froze in 1911!

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