Wool Headband

A few weeks ago, I started my latest wool project.  When the wind blows and that cold goes rushing by your ears, you become a fan of whatever can cover your ears!  For years I”ve carried a simple earband in my Carhartt pocket.  Just a smidge different, it was long enough to go OVER my baseball cap, but still cover my ears.

I decided to wet felt a headband!

Using my dog food sack pattern as a resist… I laid down three layers of wool, the last, reminiscent of the Big Horn Mountains.

wool earbandHere it is after wet felting and shrinking the wool down.  It came out just about perfect, I just took a guess on the pre-shrunk size, but I like it.

Here is the headband full length.

wool earbandNot bad.  With my imagination, I can see mountains and clouds and verdant slopes.  Was I finished?  Oh, heavens, no!  I broke out the needle felting next… snow? wildflowers?  uh, yes and yes!

Come back tomorrow to see the final product!


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