Even Better

I want your sympathy.  It’s -5˚ outside, with the 3″ of new snow on the ground (on top of whatever was there!), and I’ve left my camera in the car!  I had to blast to Worland to give a speech to a group at the Worland Library and finally got home at 9 pm.

There’s no way I want to go retrieve it and make the dash in the cold and snow… but a promise is a promise, so I’ve wriggled around and tried to recreate what I could of my completed headband!

It is made to go over a baseball cap… since that’s how I roll… and with the needlefelting, I think it turned out pretty spiffy!

headbandI don’t have the “in process” photos, to show how I backed it with grey fleece and sewed on some velcro for adjustments, but you get the idea.

headbandIt’s not in great focus either, but I had to show the “wildflowers” I put on the sides.

It’s nice and warm and unique and pretty.   And maybe, I’ll throw in another pic or two of it again sometime, so you can see it even better.


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  2. Love it! I, too, am of the baseball cap wearing club and always keep one headband to use for caps as it gets stretched out. Yours is so pretty. Velcro adjustment is a great idea.

    Keep us posted as to how it goes during the official test drive.

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