Painted Skull

Just a note to answer a question posed on yesterday’s post… Yes, I painted that skull!

Back in the day, southwest decor was big and one of the mainstays of it seemed to be painted skulls, either buffalo or bull.  Always looking to make a very extra pesos, I jumped in and painted quite a few!  I think I probably sold ONE!

Anyway, they’ve just hung around, literally, since then.  Most are bulls, as in Hereford, but I did a few buffalo, too.  Want to know how to tell the difference?  Buffalo horns curve UP.  Horns from cattle like Herefords curve DOWN.  (If you want to see Horns, with a capital H, go check out the Watusi or Longhorn breeds!)

The one I hung behind my stove was always my favorite…

If you’d like to see the discovery of my buffalo skull (and you’re new to this blog), here’s a great video to watch (or rewatch if you’ve followed me for a while!)  Thanks, Jerry, for posting this question!

Also, for Susan… my studio will double as my “guest house”, should people be looking for a more rustic getaway than my house!  A microwave and mini fridge would make it pretty perfect, don’tchya think?

My Buffalo Skull from Carol Greet on Vimeo.


Painted Skull — 8 Comments

  1. What a great find! I’m always bringing home things from my walks on our ranch, I will have to keep an eye out for buffalo now. Is there a close up picture of your skull after you painted it? I couldn’t find one, would like to see details. We live on the north east side of Wyoming. I enjoy following your posts.

    • The skull I made the video of is NOT painted, he lives in his original glory in my living room. Other skulls I have painted, perhaps I will post those soon.

  2. I would bet there are more bison bones buried near this skull. I also found a skull with one horn partly exposed like that, but it was badly deteriorated, and I have about 1/2 of a total skull. The buried portion was intact, but all that had been exposed to the elements was like powder, and crumbled off. Even so, it was a huge thrill!

      • While watching the skull video it seemed to me that you had a ND accent. Hope I didn’t offend. I am from there originally.

      • Heavens, no! But my Oklahoma relatives are scratching their heads, wondering where my Okie accent disappeared to!

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