Snow Scenes

snow on cottonwoodSnow plastered against the deeply creased cottonwood bark.

sandhill cranesSandhill cranes noisily announced their return.

back door





















The back door of the shop is braced against the drifting snow.

An antelope skull becomes gruesome with snow fur.  And it’s snowing again…

antelope skull


Snow Scenes — 4 Comments

  1. It’s been a long time my friend. So much has happened on my side and it makes me want to catch up from your side.
    We didn’t get the snow we braced for in AZ. Not a great prospect but my dad passed so this is my first winter alone. As for me it was a blessing. Ranching alone is hard enough. Fighting the snow can make a grown woman cry.
    With the little time I have I still feel the need to catch up on your blog. Maybe I can gleam something I need from it. Thanks for the time you spend. Ginny

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