Back Into Place

It would have been a good day for flying a kite, but we just wandered around and played.  Oh.  Yeah.  Victoria, Matt, and the twins were here!  They got to do usual fun activities for 2 year olds… climb in the tractor and help Grandpa feed the bulls, they helped me with the chickens, they splashed in mud puddles and dropped rocks down the grate on the scale, they hiked and ran and scrambled and climbed and tipped over for a nap, then did it over again!

We all met together for hot dogs before Victoria left… We sure do have quite the crew!  😉

The only bit of ranch work I helped with today was this…

In the past few days, green has appeared… white has finally given way to the nubbins of green growth, and the cows know it!  Brandon’s cows made the escape last night from their little electric fenced area into the sprinkler field looking for some green!

escaped cowsBad girls!  You must wait in the enclosed area for just a bit more!

Brandon and Megan led them back towards their approved location with a bale of hay… while I followed.

escaped cowsIt didn’t take long to get them back into place!

escaped cows


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  1. Yes back in place. Last year our two new young bulls went in early to our cows. Lets say they proved themselves. We had some early calves this year.

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