Top Bar Hive Bee Barn

The Experiment Begins!

An old wooden granary is cleaned out to become my top bar hive Bee Barn.

Bee Barn

bee barnModifications were made.

bee barnMy front door gets a built in screen door (as soon as I get to town to buy more screen!).

bee barnIt is simply a door within a door… to let more air in during the heat of the summer…

bee barnWe installed the bees last night… but the entrance holes were still plugged.

bee barnTonight I drilled entrance holes through the side of the Bee Barn.  Slightly offset from the holes on their hive, which may help in the winter.

Bee BarnSmall scraps of lumber create landing boards.

Bee BarnI placed weeds in front of the entrance holes, the thought being that it aids in them having to reorient themselves after the move.  If they don’t, they’ll fly back to the wood shed in search of their hive that is no longer there.  By the time I was done, it was cold and getting dark.  I will have no chance to watch them leave their hive in the morning as I have to go to work myself.

This is the true test… to see if they return to this hive in my new Bee Barn!  Fingers crossed!


Top Bar Hive Bee Barn — 5 Comments

  1. Sure hope all goes well. Know you are anxious to see them leave and return and by the way the old grainary boards are gorgeous….

  2. Good Luck. My dad raised bees and kept us in honey for years. I baked with it instead of sugar quite often.

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