Kicked to Grass

We interrupt this beekeeping/crafting/traveling/whateverthedailyproject blog to bring you:

Life: Back on the Ranch!

As the last of the calves are being born, it’s time to kick some of the older ones, and their mothers, out on green grass.  The few nice days we’ve had, have started the grass growing… and in this pasture, there’s also plenty of leftover feed from last year.

First, we sort out the pairs…

sorting pairs

The back up crew keeps a close eye on activities.

back up crewThe crew.

crewJob complete!

Daniel and Boomerand for my friend, J., I couldn’t resist! 😉

white calf****

Somehow, it is already the 15th… and I haven’t even asked for questions for a Q&A!  I have a couple of questions I can answer here… one on bees, one on the current controversy about Cliven Bundy in Nevada.  If you have any more, post ’em in the comment section, and I’ll answer them soon!


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  1. When you posted about moving Brandon’s cattle the other day, it struck me again how your family has been able to pass ranching, and the Greet Ranch, along in the family – from Vernon’s grandparents, to his parents, to him, and now your sons are an active part of the ranch also. There are a lot of farm families who haven’t been able to do that, and it’s heartening to see you getting there. And raising up the next generation of little ranchers! Any tips along that line for other farm and ranch families?

  2. I’d love to hear your take on Cliven Bundy. My husband keeps asking me if you’ve mentioned anything thing. I, of course, always want to hear about your studio. We’re redoing mine right now and it’s driving me nuts not having all of my stuff ready-at-hand. 🙂
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