Busy Season

If you couldn’t tell… we’ve been busy around here.

We’ve been kicking cows out into our badlands pasture.  It is a LONG walk for little bitty baby calves, and for my horse and my dog and for ME!  (Don’t mind that my camera didn’t open all the way… I do believe the poor thing is on its downhill slide!)


I’m getting my new bees settled in their top bar hive… they’ve been gathering pollen and acting happy, but I need to check on them tomorrow for sure.

bee barn

Vernon and I drove our Rhino up to check our Mesa Pasture, and saw elk and spring beauty flowers and water running down the road… which we’ve never seen before!


We had a fun Easter picnic as well… and the baby chicks continue to grow!

baby chicks

The busy season seems to have arrived!


Busy Season — 2 Comments

  1. No wonder your bee barn has stood so well for so long. I was looking at the corner construction. It was meant to stand there, and stand square. I love looking at old buildings to see how “they” did things back then…whenever “then” was.

  2. all the pictures are wonderful but the one with the bees is amazing.. they look happy buzzing around their new home…

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