Had To Be There

Waking up to this is just thrilling.  Don’t Lucas and Dally look thrilled?


Now that the cows are out in the badlands… the bulls get to move out of their spot as well.  We’ve kept them miles away from each other, but now they can move to the creek bottom bull pasture and spend some time in tall grass until it’s time to meet the ladies.

moving bulls

The boys trailed them along, just as nice as you please…

Rio and Punch

But I had to laugh when they rode side by side!  Rio is SO MUCH taller than Punch!  It just struck me as funny, but maybe you had to be there…


Had To Be There — 4 Comments

  1. I noticed the difference right away, but I wasn’t attributing the difference to the horses until you pointed it out! Cute pictures… Glad Punch is getting some rides on him before Tess hops in the saddle :)Hez Radically Hot, aka Punch, has a bit of an attitude sometimes. He is making progress on his journey from University of Wyoming show team to working cow horse 🙂

  2. Lucas and Dally look as thrilled as I have been, waking up to rain everyday. Finally sunshine. Even found a good batch of morals. Did Dally find a beau?

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