Headed for Bed

Holy cow.

I do believe I’m sore this evening.  I tried to finish mowing my lawn with the little lawnmower, and I failed.  I try to scalp back the grass, lifting leaves and dead grass out as well… I kept running out of gas!  Me.  Not the lawnmower.  Most of the collection went onto the hugelkultur bed which needs a load of topsoil on it…

To use a different set of muscles, I also did time on the rototiller, until I really did run out of gas with that one.

Then there are the tons of sticks to rake and haul away…

I managed a pass with a little bit of fertilizer on 80% of my yard, before running out…

Quinlan has been my buddy for a while now… and yardwork, at times at least, is quite easy with him… give him some fresh soil and a bucket and he’ll dig away most of the afternoon!  What can be cuter than after I sneezed on one side of the yard, to hear a tiny voice from the other side of the yard, “Bless you, G.G.!”  Grin.  “Thank you, Quinlan!”

The rush is on with Vernon too, trying to get things fertilized, sprayed, moved, because, unfortunately, the National Weather Service is predicting rain and snow through Thursday.  Snow to 7000′ is actually ok with us.  We’re hoping it doesn’t rain on the snow… snow on snow is much much better!

The countdown to our first branding is on… and if I was smart, I’d be pre-cooking things…

but, instead, I’m headed for bed!

bird silhouette


Headed for Bed — 6 Comments

  1. Oh my, I have so many pictures of my kiddos looking the same way. We learned long ago not to worry about the mess and let them have fun! I have some great ones of them stuck in the mud up to their knees…mean mom that I am I took the picture and then helped them out 😉
    Prairie Wife recently posted…Hay RageMy Profile

  2. Sure have missed your posts. Will continue to send some prayers your way.
    Enjoy your little helper, Quinlan!

  3. We are getting rain, mixed with sleet and a few snow flakes today further south from you near the Idaho/Nevada border. I’ve got serious cabin fever (a 16 foot trailer starts to feel really confining after a bit) so I think I’ll go out try my hand at geocaching again…..5 tries, 0 successes. Stay warm today!

  4. So good to “hear” your voice again, talking about daily life, happy, even if tired. Quinlan sounds like a very good helper. Oh, when you’re done there, you can come help me. Much less space, but same process. 🙂

  5. thankful that things are going better even if you did work yourself overboard. Fun to have the little guy helping with all that work…

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