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I received a note from GoDaddy, with whom I’ve had this website and blog since 2008, that they are discontinuing their old product I used to use and shutting it down June 25.  What does that mean to you?  Well, maybe nothing, unless you’re the curious type and like to investigate blogs and read every post!  I’ve transferred to a WordPress format and have slllooooooooowly been copying and pasting my old posts over to this one.

In other words, when I say I’ve been blogging since 2008 and you try to read something in 2010 and it’s not there… you’re like, “oh, sure, she SAYS she’s been writing every day, but 2010 is missing!”  Well, you’d be wrong.  It exists, I just haven’t copied everything over!

I’m working on it!

My self imposed deadlines didn’t work, but this one from GoDaddy sure will!  If I don’t get them copied and pasted, I’d have to either just abandon them or type them in from my paper copies and try to find the old images in the twentygazillion photos I have on my computer.  eeeeeegads!

That’s why, every bit, I post on Facebook that May of 2009 is done… June of 2009 is done…

This has been an extremely painful process for me which has caused much stress and tears through the years!  I hope I can get this done, for although I have hard copies of my blog posts for posterity, I feel like I’m cheating you, the curious, the fans that read “Good enough for another look” or “A Look Back in Time”.  To add insult to injury, some of the posts I thought I had copied over now are only partially appearing… so I have to look over every post from the beginning to see if it’s there and if it’s complete!

It would help if my rear end wouldn’t go numb in this chair and I get “computer elbow” as well!

Wah Wah.

Once I get more up, we may have to hold a scavenger hunt and see who can find messed up entries for me!  Doesn’t that sound like fun???? You could just read Red Dirt ’til you were Red Faced!

I do have to say that right now I’m finishing up July of 2009, and it was a great month… for pictures and stories and our Centennial celebration!  I think I should just recommend everyone go read that month when they want to know what Red Dirt is all about!

So hang in here with me… and hopefully on June 25, I can celebrate the finished product here on WordPress!


I worked my bees after I got home from the library… and while I can’t take pics at the same time, I did take one out the door of the Bee Barn just because the light this evening was gorgeous.  You’re looking at the junk pile (anyone need a vintage pickup?), and I’m sorry for that, but especially after days of rain and snow, the light is very pretty!

gorgeous light



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  1. Carol, I do enjoy your blogs so much. I hope your worries of a week or so ago are just little ones now. Hope everything is going peachy keen for you. Just hang in there. You are still in our prayers.

  2. Is it possible for you to scan them since you have hard copies? Would that be easier than copying and pasting? Wish there were more pictures of the cattle, pastures, and other animals in the area. Also just more about ranch life, other ranches, people in the area, etc. Love your blog. Please don’t let it stop.

    • Quality would be horrible on the photos… if you need more… of Red Dirt, just read the archives, there’s a ton of what you’re looking for! This blog isn’t stopping, so don’t worry!

  3. Ooph! what a huge JOB! Also wishing you good luck.

    BTW – for some strange reason, I am not getting the post everyday day.
    This morning I got 2; and right after you resumed the post a few days
    ago I got 3 on one day. Wonder if you know why??

  4. God is good. Lark and Mace will be getting together (June?). What a job. Again, you are amazing. I would not be able to stick with it.

  5. Wow, does that ever sound like a Job! I think my brain would probably just rebel altogether. Good luck! Hope you manage to get them all transferred.

    • I’m a’trying! My brain has melted down on many an occasion over this! Head down, copypaste, copypaste! 🙂

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