Break for Cake

Well, the guys AI’d just a few heifers… so I didn’t go down.  I’ve been trying to get my yard in shape plus get my garden started and it’s taking HOURS and HOURS!  I’m very close with my yard, just a few more limbs to trim so I can mow under them… and a smidge of edge trimming.

Then, of course, I’ll water it so it can grow and I can do it All Over Again.  I usually enjoy yard work, but it took so long to get my lawnmower repaired that it was TALL and therefore, tough going.

Plus, I have projects.

Why do I always have to have projects????

Well, for one thing, since we had our septic tank pumped out this winter, I now have the ugly blue pipe sticking up in my yard, and I’ve been trying to see how I could disguise it.  I think I have the answer, but, of course, the soil needs leveled and raked and filled in…

This morning, though… I had a very cute helper in my garden.  I kidnapped Quinlan because I thought he’d like to help me plant the garden and I was right!  The onions may be smushed a little extra, but they’re all in!


Then… it just so happens, it’s Daniel’s 26th birthday, so we took a break for cake!  Happy birthday, Dandy!  I love you so much!



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  1. We disguise our well and pump system with the cutest little wishing well made out of short pieces of 2×4’s that have a sort of woven look for the bottom of it and then two risers with a shingle roof. Don’t know if something like that would help disguise your pipe but it can just be moved when you need to work on the septic tank or in our case, the well.

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