Minute Movie: Trailing In

Minute Movie: Trailing In from Carol Greet on Vimeo.


Minute Movie: Trailing In — 3 Comments

  1. just watched the minute movie this morning, but Carol, I know it’s hard,back-breaking work but to this city girl, it looks like heaven.
    thank you for sharing….now to go back and watch again. 🙂

  2. Beautiful scenery!
    Tell us about the horses you ended up buying at the horse sale in Cody. I don’t remember reading about what you bought, and something about them. Just curious about what you look for in a ranch horse.

  3. Looks like the cows are pretty high up…looking over a valley…pondering whether to walk down?? Dally is there for encouragement! Loved the movie since it was a little different from previous ones.

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