Lost on the Big Grey Ridge

Only 3.5 hours in the saddle today.  Of course, the drive takes a while, etc., etc., so I was home by 11 am or so.  That’s pretty good, it gave me time to stick some plants in the ground.  Not that I’m happy necessarily with the placement, but for now, my ugly septic tank is covered and some plants are around it to create some kind of weird garden plopped out in the middle of my yard…

But, I guess that’s progress at least!


I’m behind on my photos… but I liked this one…

and this one…

ritchie flowers

Maybe I’ll stick a few more on my Red Dirt in My Soul facebook page…

Tomorrow is a big day of riding, then we’ll have a break for a couple of days!  I’ve ridden every day for 12 days, with one day off for rain… and, I’m ready for another job… just to let me recover!  and find that happy attitude I think I lost on the big grey ridge…


I have a few questions for the Q&A session… Any more?


Lost on the Big Grey Ridge — 5 Comments

  1. Is there a calf season, or do the cows breed multiple times a year? This is kind of poorly worded, I hope you get the gist. Thanks!

  2. How pretty with the wild flowers, the cattle in the distance and the mountains far away (50 miles ? ) The air in your area must be very clear.

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