Hold Them

I spent most of this hot and muggy day in the chicken coop.  I remember, when I temporarily turned it into the Puppy Coop, that I stated “I will always have more puppies than chickens!”  Yeah, well…

I repaired the front wired door, replacing chicken wire with some heavier duty rabbit wire… That took SOOOO much time.  I needed to rip some boards to hold the wire in place… my saw blade was so dull, it didn’t want to cut a 2×4.  Finally, with much stress, trauma, idiocy, and with a new blade installed, I managed to get it accomplished!

Now that the “baby chicks” are moved over, they weren’t enjoying the coop too much.  The older chickens wouldn’t let them roost with them, or eat, or drink!  They’d have to wait for the old hens to leave, then sneak in and eat and drink.  Well, today I tried to give them enough roosting space!

chicken coop

They now have more oil bucket nest boxes… plus some wheel rim nest boxes too.  My broody hen loves the end one.  The one higher yellow bucket is not screwed to the wall, I may put it up, or I may not!  The chicken nipples/waterer in the white square bucket leaks, hence the black bowl underneath.  I’m very bummed as my other chicken nipples never leaked.  They either need reinstalled in another bucket or I need heavier duty nipples.

My new vacuum double walled waterer managed to ‘break’ this afternoon.  I wanted a crimp in the top handle so it wouldn’t slide to one side and lock up or drain… but instead I broke the handle OFF since it is only lightly tacked on.  Of course, it opened up the tiniest hole which ruins the vacuum… Grrrrrrrrrr.  I’ve only had it a couple of weeks!  Guess I can try to seal it up with silicone, but boy, I was disgusted!

I also used a couple of the long roost poles from my Studio (the original chicken coop) for more space.

chicken coop

A couple of the old entrance ladders were remade into roosts in the corner by the windows… plus I hung their feeders from the ceiling.  It gives them more space to eat from both sides and it’s off the floor so they don’t scratch so much straw into them.  I have a couple of feeders on the floor as well.

We’ll try this to see if they situate themselves… They should start laying the first week of July…

There’s more work to do, I need to repair the window I boarded up last fall, and do something with the water… but this will hold them for a few days!


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  2. You are a hard worker! I have never heard of chicken water nipples! My dad had a miriad of chicken waterers that were attached to little red hoses that would replenish the water automatically with fresh water. Those chickens were spoiled, huh? I love your ingenuity!

  3. I love your ingenuity! All you need is a nice “Best Western” sign out front for your happy little guests! 🙂

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