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I’d like to beg your forgiveness and brag for a bit.  We’re a little puffed up here… we try NOT to be… but this happened the other night.

Vernon religiously watches something called the National Feeder Cattle Review put out by the USDA.  It’s like watching the stockmarket for other businessmen.  It’s a little video posted on Drover’s Cattle Network and then archived on Youtube.  He’s sitting with his laptop… I’m ignoring him, watching something else on tv… and he jumps up and brings me his laptop.

“Watch this!”

I’m shocked.  He doesn’t usually shove his laptop at me!

I push play.

At the one minute mark… I’m astonished.

Those are our steers.  I took that video!

Holy cow!  Corbitt Wall is talking about US!

I guess you could compare it to watching the financial news and seeing Maria Bartiromo mentioning your business.



I’m sharing!




I’m Sharing — 17 Comments

  1. Congrats!!! How cool is that! Isnt it nice to get some appreciation sometimes. So happy for all you ranchers right now:) Actually getting paid for working HARD! You deserve it;) Happy 4th!

  2. You have EVERY right to be “puffed up”. Good for you, good for the guys, and good for the cattle! Thanks for sharing. It was exciting to watch the video.

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