Pay Day

Well, we loaded our steers on semis this morning and sent them on their way!


Taking it slow and steady… no need to rush them, this is what we’ve been working for since they were born… the guys bring them to the corral.  Here we will run them across the scales, weighing them in bunches of 10 or so.  This average weight is what our paycheck is based on… so we take great care.  Johnny and I were in the scale house, and I didn’t take any pics… I was working!

We move them back through and begin loading them on the semis.  Vernon steps alongside, getting the front ones to continue up the alley and loading chute.


Our rep, the brand inspector, and my boys all follow them up the alley.


Vernon watches closely as the last few load on the truck.


There ya go… Pay Day on the Greet Ranch!


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  1. The way that you tell about your Ranch Life, sort of makes me wish that I had done more of it. Basically, tho’, I’m a city-gal.
    Thanks for letting us live vicariously in your stories and pictures.
    I still think the mountains around the ranch are the best!

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