Getting Ready

Hope you’re getting ready to celebrate Independence Day by gathering up some red, white, and blue!  Yeehaw!



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  1. Always, daily there is a beautiful ” Wyoming” like picture on here. You will probably be with family today as you are blessed to have them in a close proximity? We just got back from visiting family in Boise, ID…then going to a family outdoor farm type wedding that you would have enjoyed too, unique and very nice! Also, we visited my uncle in Washington..he and I being the last two Jensens in my father’s clan of 7 siblings and families. Tonight we are going to country friends for a barbecue and watching fireworks.

  2. Happy Fourth of July, Carol. Hope you enjoy a picnic or something special
    with all of your family. I am reminded of the song, “Fifty, Nifty United States” that I used to teach all my youngsters when I taught public school music!

    I used to know all the states in alphabetical order back then, from
    the song! Pretty rusty now…but I bet I could re-capture the list by singing. Maybe they know it at your daughter’s school?

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