To Bee at Summer School

This morning I hosted Ten Sleep’s summer school on a field trip.  Their focus is on… bees!  I decided I could help with that!

summer school

First was a talk on my lawn… where we looked at new and old comb and dead bees and brood comb and drone comb and had a bite of my honey… then we drove to the Bee Barn.  It was a cool morning, so there wasn’t a ton of bees flying, which was great…

summer school

This kid was SOOO EXCITED.  I probably could hire him to be my assistant!  Every kid, except one, took the time to go into the Bee Barn and look in the window of my Golden Mean Top Bar Hive.  I’m squatted down, shining the flashlight in, explaining the comb and bees.

summer school

Here the bees are building a new comb.  Isn’t it great how interested the kids were???

summer school

There is capped honey on the top of this full sized comb.

I had a great time, and I think the kids did too.  Thanks, Mrs. E. and Mrs. S. for bringing the kids out!  Your summer school is a fantastic opportunity for Ten Sleep’s kids!

P.S.  No, no one got stung…  😉



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  1. What a great learning experience for the kids…. It will help the future of bees by some no doubt… and you had fun too….

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