Longmire Sunset

Doggone it!

Spent too much time figuring out the new upgrade to iMovie… and now it will take too long to process, upload, and embed here.  So… rats.  No Longmire movie tonight.

I’m *not* staying up another hour…

Instead of posting this for Wordless Wednesday, I guess you get it tonight as a consolation prize!

After Ferg’s concert at Longmire Days, I headed home due west, up and over the Big Horns.  It’s a wonderful drive… and that night it started off spectacularly!

Don’t you agree?

I love a great Longmire sunset…

longmire sunset



Longmire Sunset — 3 Comments

  1. Oh what a beautiful sunset. It must have been a wonderful drive home. We’re you driving into the setting sun, or was it following you? Facing east we get wonderful sunrises all year, but the sun disappears over nearby hills and sets in yonder counties. Hey, that Walt signature is a treasure. Still waiting for Season 2 of Longmire on Freeview TV in the UK. However, I have Season 1 on my hard drive (video in old terms) so watch one every now and then. And then there are the books to read. Lovely news on your Grandkids. We have just had our first grandson, who is adored by our two granddaughters age 6 and 3. Look forward to more of your photos.

    • I was driving into the sunset, but I had waited until the glare would be out of my eyes. There are plenty of deer and elk and moose on that road, so you want to be able to see them! I prefer headlights in the dark versus a glaring squint!

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