Sunset Heat

Holy cow, it’s been HOT lately.  The country is dry and red flag warnings are being issued by the National Weather Service.  That means FIRE DANGER is EXTREMELY HIGH.  They had one fire a couple of days ago, and we’re hoping to dodge the bullet with others that may come our way!

Even my bees are hot.


This is a phenomenon known as “bearding”.  Bearding is basically the hive sweating!  They’re hot… they’re fanning at the entrance to cool things down… it’s not a bad thing or anything to worry about… it just tells you they are HOT.

Me too.

I even went swimming in the creek yesterday!  Well, floating, swishing, wading, it was only belly deep!

The heat and dust and smoke did make for a glorious sunset though!


And close up…


Doesn’t the sunset look HOT?


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  1. Oh how I miss Western sunsets! They are beautiful here in Florida, but nothing beats a sunset over the mountains! That bee air conditioning thing (bearding) is really cool! (No pun intended!)

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