Ranch Kids Rule!

Daniel and Vernon were working on a pipeline… Tess and the kids stopped by to watch… I stopped by on my way home from the library…

It looked like a party!

There stood little Jaxon, next to a well head.  This well has some issues… a little water comes out the spigot, then it creates a siphon or suction for a bit, then some more water comes out.  Jaxon had been playing in it, reaching his hand in the water, putting his wet hand to his mouth.  Yes, he was soaking wet, but just on one side!  Vernon comes over to encourage him to drink out of it, and I say, “Show him how!”  Vernon leans over, drinks the water from the spigot, and Jaxon leans over in under Vernon’s cowboy hat to REALLY SEE what was going on!  That was all it took.

Game ON!

Somehow he got the idea that a certain spot was the Key… if you push on it, the water will come!  In a world full of button power, it seemed logical.  Then he found the suction.  It wasn’t too strong, but strong enough to make Cool Noises.


Cool Noises.

Drinking out of a spigot.


I couldn’t resist.

I went for my camera.

I hope it makes you giggle the way it made me!

Ranch kids have a wonderful life!

Jaxon’s Thirsty from Carol Greet on Vimeo.


Happy 25th birthday to my baby boy, Brandon…  I love you and are so proud of the man you have become!


Ranch Kids Rule! — 9 Comments

  1. This is priceless and it did make me giggle alright! That is so much better than playing a video game any day of the week! Lucky boy! 😉

  2. Tank you for sharing, Greet Ranch kids are living the dream along side of their families. You are so lucky to have the opportunity to see those kids everyday!

  3. So cute! Loved his persistence in seeing what this “discovery” was all about. And the way he used his voice to have even more fun, gave me a big
    chuckle this morning.

  4. Too funny! And he’s so serious about it all.. lol I don’t know if this makes sense, but it made me think “How I miss that level of “home!””

    Happy Birthday to Brandon!

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