Questions and Answers – August 2014 Edition

OK, time for this month’s Question and Answer series!  If you’re really inquisitive, former Questions and Answers are under the tab at the top of the page!  Let’s go!

Marie:  I have forgotten where Canyon Creek is. I just remember the name.  I do so enjoy all of your photos, especially of the ones of your family. Your little “men” are really growing up, aren’t they? How is the little “sister’ doing?

Canyon Creek is right behind my house, it runs into the Nowood farther north.  All the the kids are growing like weeds, the little girls included!  They have cute little rolls on their arms and legs… wish my rolls looked as cute!


Carole:  What kind of issues was/is Colt having and are the issues the reason/s you don’t want to keep him or keep him with your other dogs? He is a beautiful dog.

Colt is a pretty dog.  He has nipped three strangers to his farm.  I do not want to keep him as my dogs don’t like strange dogs very much, they’ve only met through the kennel.  I was in discussion about getting another female pup to eventually breed to Lucas when Colt showed up.  Four dogs is TOO MANY for me!  Colt will do much better without other dogs, or at least ones that won’t gang up on him like mine would.  Puppies are different…  they grow into the situation.


Jenn:  Is this one of Dally’s pups that the owner couldn’t keep for some reason??

Colt is a Lucas x Elsa pup.


Sandy:  Do you think Longmire will be back for a fourth season and do you think Barlow shot Branch?

OOOOOOH!  I can’t believe A&E would be so stupid as to cancel one of their more popular shows, but who knows?  I think Branch shot his dad first… we have to keep Branch around!


Liza:  Not a cowboying question, but I’ve noticed that a lot of the photos have disappeared from the older posts. I always read all the “go-back” posts, and I miss them.

That’s a bummer… There’s nothing I can do now if they’ve disappeared.  I thought I’d caught all of them when I transferred to WordPress… guess not.  <sigh>


Susan P.:  By the way, have you seen the rancher playing his trombone to call in the cattle?

I have seen that video!  Cattle are very curious creatures, especially yearlings.  I’ve flown my kite in a field full of steers before, and it doesn’t take long before they’d encircle me, trying to figure out what the samhill I was doing!


Marilyn: Two questions: 1. Once you posted a picture of a nice shaded Sable ES named, Kay, I think? She might have been a rescue dog? Anyway, I would love to see more pictures of that lovely dog.

Kay now belongs to a neighbor.  She was one of my pups I took back at 5 or 6 months of age, then rehomed her to these neighbors.  I’ll try to get a newer photo of her.  Squint at a picture of Colt… they look almost exactly alike!

2. If you and Vernon could have a vacation, where would you really like to go?

My choice?  New Zealand.  I have friends there on the South Island.  We met as Girl Scouts/Guides when we were just little pups a longlonglong time ago!  I wrote about their visit here a few years ago.  and again.  Vernon doesn’t do well on vacations… unless there’s lots to do!  He’s got to keep busy, but I bet V. could get him up in his little plane!


Nancy:  I would like to know what breeds of chickens you have? my husband and I are looking into getting chickens and want ones that are friendly and cold tolerant.

I have Red Stars (red sex links), Buff Rocks, and Welsummers.  They are all good foragers, good in cold weather, and tend towards broodiness, which I would like at some point just for kicks!


Peg:  Know anybody that needs about a hundred new steel posts for a good price? Neil was always going to build a fence for his horses but never did. Now he has no horses! (-:

We might!  Just need to know how long they are and what you want for them!  😉


Marilyn:  Would that be some kind of a hawk in picture two?

That *is* a hawk… he was flying around screaming, and that’s how I spotted him!  I couldn’t get a good look at him, the sun was in my eyes.


Thanks, everyone!  I appreciate all your questions!


Questions and Answers – August 2014 Edition — 6 Comments

  1. Thanks for the answers, Carol. I enjoy finding dogs that have some of the same genetics as my Taffy…in this case I think Lucas-Kay-Colt share ancestry from Dersam’s Sparkplug (now Helo) with Taffy!

    Also, had fun looking up that link to the open air bi-plane ride in New Zealand you mentioned as a wanna-be vacation and activity. What fun that would be. I will say that one of the thrills of my life was 20 minute ride in a similar, 1929 plane near Albany. We soared over the Hudson River and beautiful farmlands. Hey, ya never know!

  2. Growing up with an English Shepherd I remember he was very home protective. I am sure he would have nipped some and one uncle would not get out of his car until he was secured. So is this somewhat normal behavior for some ES”s? Ours now is just that way with dogs not people.

  3. Always love the Q&A, didn’t get going quick enough this month, but I have a few for you next time! Thank you for these!

  4. I wondered about your chickens too… I have a Buff Orpington hen that runs across the yard and jumps in my lap if I sit on the deck… then she coos and closes her eyes… they all have personalities and are pretty so I hope you post a picture of them soon…

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