Crow Fair

Oh, I had FUN yesterday!  Friends asked if I’d like to go along on one of their weekend jaunts… and I went!  🙂  Yay, me!

We started off with a trip to an antique store in Buffalo, and then to Pick’s Saddle Shop to talk to a guy (who owns one of my pups) to see if he might know someone who might adopt Colt.  Then we went to Ucross.  Ucross is known for being the home of my favorite author, Craig Johnson, and for the Ucross Foundation, but they also have the coolest antique store around.  They are only open by appointment and on certain days, but our visit to Turned Antiques was so fun!  It was *packed*, seems we went there on their “garage sale” days!

We didn’t buy any antiques, but we managed to find a few goodies to take home!  Guess which color I bought?


Then we were off to CROW FAIR!  Yay!!!!!  Yippeeyay!  I’ve wanted to go to Crow Fair for YEARS, and here, I finally got to go.

Crow Fair is held a mile or so from the Custer Battlefield in Montana, and is known for being the tipi capital of the world.  It’s BIG.  They have a parade in full regalia (which we missed, though we really wanted to see it, we didn’t get going at 6 am!), an Indian Rodeo, and PowWow.  We made most of the rodeo, and the first bit of the PowWow.  Yes, I have video, but not for tonight!  Takes me a bit to get that organized… so pics will have to do!

We were so entertained by watching the kids on their ponies race back and forth and back and forth during the rodeo…


There were miniature horses and ponies of all shapes and sizes, and if they could get them to run (and some couldn’t!!!) they were racing them up and down the track during the rodeo.  It was pretty stinking cute!!

Then we went over to the camp for the powwow.  Tipis everywhere.





rainbow tipi

Here’s the color guard ready to make their entrance…

color guard

That’s it for tonight!  Stay tuned, more on Crow Fair to come in the days ahead!


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  1. Yellow? a cheery and optimistic color.

    I, too, am waiting for pictures of all those tipis, Carol! Glad you had a fun time. I celebrated my 50th reunion from my high school Class of ’64 over the weekend – quite the milestone and also, lots of fun!

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