Finally. Crow Fair Powwow Video

I had to shorten it AGAIN, and it took forever uploading, but it’s DONE!

Then, no, it wasn’t.

Then they said I couldn’t upload it, conversion problems.

So I remade the darn thing, and uploaded it again.

Then I had maxed out my limit… what????

Looked again, the FIRST video was up.


Deleted the second.

Here’s the first.

I’m over it.

Crow Fair Powwow from Carol Greet on Vimeo.



Finally. Crow Fair Powwow Video — 12 Comments

  1. Carol,

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  2. Thank you for all the time you spent on revisions and loading this wonderful video. So many beautiful and colorful items of clothing, and clear recording of their music. Always wanted to go to a gathering of such.

    P.S. here in WNY we have the Tuscarora tribe.

  3. Thanks for a great video Carol. So much color in their costumes. I went to a PowWow in 2009 in Iowa with my daughter and American penfriend. Sadly the events were cancelled due to earlier storm but we were able to walk around the puddles/mud, eat fried bread and just enjoy the moment. Oh and keep an eye on the gray rain clouds that were still floating around undecided whether to dump on us again or not.

  4. P.S. And the Indians here in NM live in adobe pueblos or hogans (Navajos), but not in teepees, so it was interesting to see the teepees of the Crows also. (The children giggling with each other are the same everywhere though! Ha!)

  5. Thank you for this video, Carol. Being from New Mexico, I have seen many Navajo and Pueblo Indian dances, regalia, and pow wows, but have never seen the Crow Nation’s before. The dancing and drums are similar, but their dress and appearance is a little different. Very colorful and wonderful to see them maintaining their culture and traditions! Many thanks!

  6. Carol, thank you for the video of the PowPow. We live on the Kansas/ Oklahoma border in the central of each state, There are a lot of Indian tribes and a lot of powpows every year. At one time the Chilocco Indian School was open. It has been closed for many years. When the school was open, the students would go to parades and dance during and after the parade. Do not do that anymore,but there are a lot of Pow Pows. Ver nice and the Regala they wear are beautiful. There is a lot of time and money involved.
    Thank you for the time you spent on the video.
    Sharon Drake.Winfield, ks.

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