Pay Backs

All summer.

ALL SUMMER!  I’ve been wanting someone to help me hang my Wyoming map that will serve as a shade for my large window in my studio…  We’ve discussed methods and brackets and wood vs. metal…

But I cornered Brandon… and I spent a bit helping him repair a water tank, and so, he came to the studio to pay me back.

Since my sister had helped me finish the trim around the window (for the most part), I suggested just screwing it to the trim we had attached.  A quick measurement, a glance around the shop, a fast cut with the cutting torch, and a hammer to slide the metal into the bracket.  Drill two holes through each side, and, bam!

It was up!


The white tape is a measuring tape for the other side… I haven’t decided if I’m leaving it or cutting it off.

Of course, I chose to leave the physical map side inward…


It’s great!!!!

Thanks so much, Brandon!

Pay backs are awesome!



Pay Backs — 10 Comments

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  2. I love the Wyoming map shade. It looks great. What are those red books on top of the window sill? I had a full set of Shakespeare’s works in bound red leather that looked just like those. I gave them to the library here in Albuquerque last year. I wondered what happened to them!! Ha ha!

  3. What a great idea, I have a word of caution though. I think you should line the back of your map, I’m not sure with what but I am afraid of the sun fading it. I guess if you don’t keep it pulled all the time it might not fade in your lifetime but still would be sad to see such a beautiful map fade out.

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