See You Later

One of the most common questions I receive about living “way out in the boonies on a ranch”, is one about shopping.

Whether I like it or do it often or where’s the closest mall…

(no, no, and 4 hours away)

The same applies to doctor visits… whether it’s close and convenient, and how do you get in to see a doctor, and how often do you go?

Well, Worland is 47 miles away, so it’s not close and convenient like 5 minutes away in an ambulance like you have in town, but better than some places!

How do you get in to see a doctor?  Well, believe it or not, you have a relationship with your doctor around here, and they know where you live!  I invited a doctor out once during calving season and he was amazed at how far out of town we were.  He never really questioned me again when I asked for a prescription for a kid to be phoned into the pharmacy and picked up by a neighbor!  The same with business people… they know you’re in town only once in a while, and many will give you a sale price that you may have just missed or a discount because you buy so many items in their store!  I love it!

How often do you go?  Not often!  We probably suffer through many more things because of the distance to the doctor.  Once we call for an appointment, though, they know we’re serious!  It’s too far to go if you’re a hypochondriac!  They usually can squeeze us in sometime.

Guess what I did today.

Last week at the powwow, my eye turned red.  The ride home was a killer with the oncoming headlights (great thing I wasn’t driving!).  All week, I’ve squinted and cried and wore sunglasses and hats and was very grateful for cloudy skies and rain…  Today I went to the doctor and yes, I’d scratched my eye, and yes, it was getting infected and swelling and yes, it was a good thing I finally decided to come in!

A few eye drops later and I’m feeling better…

I’m VERY thankful for doctors only 47 miles away!  I appreciate them fitting me in to their schedules.  I love modern medicine!

But best of all, I was happy to tell them “SEE YOU LATER!”  😉hello dog


See You Later — 8 Comments

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  2. Relieved to hear about the good outcome for you, and thankful for our modern medicine. And the picture of the doggie with its caption to comment on your story, was perfect as usual!

  3. Funny, when I first looked at the doggie, it looked like a bird coming out of the hole….sounds like a Rorchecke (spell?) test for my crazy mind, ugh?

  4. Love the picture today! It made me chuckle! Glad you got to see the Doctor when you did! Infections of any kind are nothing to fool around with! My dad used to live in a place that was 40 miles to the nearest gas station and any kind of store and 60 miles to any sort of medical facilities or shopping! (Come to think of it, he’s not that much closer now at 50 miles out of town!) I kind of miss living that isolated, but on the other hand, I have too many health problems these days….

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