Wordless Wednesday – “The Man”



Wordless Wednesday – “The Man” — 16 Comments

    • He was the freebie they threw in with the rest of my order… I was very sad it was a rooster, but he’s impressive! So long as he stays nice, he can stay around…

      • Up until this most recent rooster flock I’ve had, all my cochin roosters have been LOVELY to be around. I have two more that I need to remove from the flock, and I’ll just keep the one I raised. About 3 years ago, I had three roosters and four hens, and everyone got along just great. I could pick two of the roosters up; they were my buddies. The roosters I have now are holy terrors. Well, save for the one I raised, but he will peck you if you try to pick him up!
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