Be Prepared

September 11th, and it’s snowing in Wyoming.

While we only had a couple inches in Ten Sleep, the mountain received more, of course.  Four or five inches fell on our mountain pasture.  Vernon drove up there to check on the cows.

On the other side of the mountain, though, it was a different story.

Anywhere from 7″-12″ fell in Buffalo and surrounding areas.  Power outages, broken trees, frozen gardens are the norm… but we’re grateful it’s not like the Atlas Blizzard was last year!

I plan on going to Buffalo tomorrow for a Nice Surprise… but I don’t think I’ll get an early start.  I’ll give the snowplows time to push the slush off the road!

Be prepared in future posts for creative ideas and objects, and something Very Cute.



Be Prepared — 2 Comments

  1. Bet the cows were as surprised as you were!!! Very cool here in Buffalo, NY but no snow (yet). I started pulling up my garden today and patching holes in the lawn from Taffy’s digging! Will love seeing your new creative and cute projects.

  2. Oh yes your snow. I have Buffalo on a weather app and there was a snowflake and 39F. Take care when driving today. Summer has returned to us with sunny days and temps high 60s to low 70s. So very nice and clear skies gave a wonderful view of the super moon early this week. Did you get to see the super moon in WY?. Not sure how much of the northern hemisphere got to see it. Spectacular !! And it just stays there, where it is meant to be shining down on us.

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