Grass and Weaning

Well, I didn’t ride today, I decided to go back to bed!  After waking up two hours later, I teamed up with my sister-and-brother-in-law.  We drove up the mountain just to have lunch with the guys!  We had perfect timing, catching them as they brought the cows in the horse pasture and then into the corral.



Lunch was eaten.
Plans discussed.

They began sorting the calves off, returning the cows to the pasture.

I think the entire time we were there, we kept exclaiming, “Look at all this GRASS!”

We took a touristy circle to the backside of the pasture, while the guys loaded the semis with calves…

Here, Vernon is watching the trucks up the alley.Vernon

Soon, they were all loaded.


We left, exclaiming as we went… “Look at all that GRASS!



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  1. I agree with everyone else. Great picture of Vernon. The rest are really pretty pictures also. The black and white fit those photos well.

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