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That time of  year again… when the Good Doctor spends an entire day with his hand and arm being squeezed by the strong muscles of a cow’s ending digestive tract.  That explains why his entire left side is green by the time he’s done.  With their calves weaned already, there was much less bawling and moo-ing.  That also meant no sorting to do… so… it was a pretty good day overall.  We still didn’t make it off the hill until about 7 pm, but, hey, we didn’t have to break out any flashlights, and that’s a good thing!

Our cows pregged out okay… Of course, there were some open, and some old, broken mouthed ones we culled…  I loved this photo…  Everyone’s taking a good look at this cow’s teeth!


We were all there… plus a few neighbors… and although they’d LOVE to help… some of the crew *still* aren’t allowed close to the action!




Close to the Action — 10 Comments

  1. I loved seeing those two beautiful little girl babies! Nice to see some more girls on your place to even it out around there a little. Right, Grandma?? Hee hee! (I love babies, no matter what their gender–I had two baby girls and it evened out with two grandsons! Love it!)

  2. First of all I have to tell you I’m in love with this post. Not only are the pictures fantastic but I think this truly captures the life of most farmers. Unfortunately many people don’t realize that 97% of farms are family owned and operated. I really appreciate you not only sharing your story of pregnancy checking but how you incorporated your family and better yet how you expressed that your children were at a safe distance from all the action! I’m looking forward to more posts!!!

  3. Great shots! I especially love that you are all in shirt sleeves..we seem to find ourselves in layers and layers of cloths more times than not.
    Love your blog, Carol, you are a wonderful voice for ag!

  4. Great photos of the action Carol and wonderful ones of your Grandkids. What a blessing our GKs are to those of us alive to join in the fun of their lives. Sadly my Mom did not see my girls, so I’m making sure I save in my head as many memories as I can of my GKs. We’re needing lights on soon after 7pm now :-(.

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