I am thrilled with all of the name ideas you guys have come up with… Here I thought I was about to make a decision… and now… hmmmmmmmmmmm.

Keep ’em coming, I love them all!

I took them for a walk today… and promptly my battery died.  I have two spare batteries in my case, but, of course, had left the case at home…

So, to spur on some more name suggestions, here’s the one pic I took that I liked…

Ellis (which is a temporary name and is really L. S.), is just not brave enough to wander out into deeper water, even if Dally is out there!

Many woofs and squeaks accompanied this protest along the creek bank.

She needs a BOLD name to build up some confidence!

water puppy


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  1. That pup is so cute. I wouldn’t reuse the name Mesa. I have used a name for a pet more than once and it always turns out bad. If you aren’t superstitious I guess it would work but since the original Mesa didn’t live, why take that chance. : )
    I like the name Enya-Little fire!

  2. If she is comical, Lucy (after Lucille Ball’s red hair!) or maybe,
    Skye (Rimrock Red Skye)

    You’ll know, but it sure took me a long time to name my ES!

  3. Naming dogs is always a struggle. Sometimes they just come…other times they come and have to go as the name doesn’t stick. I have one suggestion I would like to offer in your search for a name for this beautiful puppy. Actually, your pup is very like my ES, Daisy in looks. Laoise (f) pronounced LEE sha which means radiant girl

  4. Berenice – bearer of victory, … husband later named a Red Sea port after her …

    Bearer of victory sounds bold, plus a red sea port.

    I’m digging here… lol

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