It was a simply gorgeous day here today… and I took it for myself!  The “I-should-be-doing”s got shoved aside and I wandered out to my studio.  With winter coming on, my main priority has to be sealing up gaps… and, boy, does the studio have gaps!

The main culprit is my dutch door.  I decided to remove my license plate trim.  There were too many openings and gaps, and it just didn’t look WARM!  I sawed and sanded and screwed in and ground down many pieces of trim… and, oh, I’d say I’m not quite halfway finished!  I didn’t begin the inside… I’m more worried about the OUTSIDE where it will soon be cold and snowy!

The middle, where the two doors meet, was also a major focus.

I had a flash of brilliance some time back, that if I put two vertical pieces on the shelf part of my dutch doors, the wind will have to make some 90˚ turns before it comes inside!  Cutting down on that direct breeze should help some…

This is what I’m talking about.

dutch door

Before, I just had the “leaning shelf” on the bottom half and its matching board on the top of the door.  There was a large gap when they were closed together…  Today I added the vertical “wings” on the outside edges.

Here it is closed.

dutch door

I think this will really help!  Wish the trim around the door went on as fast!

Insulation, caulk, and wood… it’s the magic triad of renovation!


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  1. GREAT idea. But then, you have a whole lot of them. Did you get my pictures of wild honey bee hive? If not let me know how to send. I thought of you when I saw it. Never had seen one before.

    • Kris sent it to me promptly and I told her to pass along my thanks… it is an amazing photo! Let me know if they’re still there in the spring!

  2. Brilliant! If you put some weather stripping on the inside edge of your “wing” it would probably keep even the strongest of winds out.

  3. Love your ingenuity and ability to fix this problem. The title, “Flash” made me think that you had named the puppy, “Rimrock Lightning Flash”…I’m still in puppy mode! 🙂

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