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Lucas and I had a small workout today… Vernon wanted to move some of our cows out of their small mountain pasture into the next one over…  It sounded like fun!

We rode the Rhino up the hill, threw the gate open, and I yelled, “Come, cow!  Come, cow!”  We haven’t called our cows for a long time, but they were curious and heading our way anyway… might as well reinforce it with a call!  I don’t know why we quit doing that… I even remember “Come, horse!” and we don’t call them either anymore!  We might have ended up with 75% of them if we’d just waited, but we hopped back into the Rhino and went to the backside of the pasture.

One ol’ girl was still reluctant, still looking for her calf we weaned the other day.  “Nope.  She’s not here… G’won!”  Vernon stopped, I unloaded Lucas… one big woof and off she went!

Vernon left us to check the far corner and Lucas proceeded to encourage the herd. They were very willing to go, simply seeing him headed their way was enough! See him?  He’s that brown spot on the bottom right!


By the time I huffed and puffed my way back to the corner, Lucas was waiting for me, and cows were through the gate!

A nice short hike.

Cooperative cattle.

Astounding scenery and weather.


Works for me!

new pasture


Works for Me — 5 Comments

  1. And an astounding job done by Lucas! He earned his keep and I’m sure he enjoyed it and felt very good about doing his job well. Way to go, Lucas!

  2. I know you probably think I’m waaaay too sentimental over the cows/calves , but as a city girl, I’m asking,, that one cow that wouldn’t leave the pasture, she eventually gets to be with her calf again at the new place?

  3. Your daily work environment looks wonderful. Much better than my office even if it did have a view over the Worcestershire countryside and local hills.

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