Took multiple photos of the aspens… not quite in their prime, but close enough!



Ready for tomorrow!



I need more questions!  Post ’em here!  I’ll answer them soon!


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  1. Ah, how beautiful the golden Aspens of Fall are. Our Aspens here (in New Mexico) are just now barely starting to get a few golden leaves. But it won’t be long now. I love the Fall with all of the beautiful colors of the trees in their full glory before the bare-branches of winter come. Thanks for the photos and the good feelings they always give me! ;-}

  2. Still waiting for the name for your new puppy? I just thought of another name………Effie. She is such a sweet little puppy.
    I enjoy all of your photography. You have many talents, and I envy you!

  3. Have you decided what to name your new puppy? Hope I didn’t miss it in a blog you posted but I don’t think so. Tell us a little about the weather and when you expect the first real snow. Would love some storm pictures if and when you have storms.

  4. Compliments on these beautiful photos today. Fall pictures are such a treat to view. I think you are always “in your prime” as a photographer, whether or not the leaves are!)

    I don’t have any questions but hope you’ll add ‘Ruby’ to you list of potential puppy names.

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