The Future

Daniel has a new Aussie puppy.. Tuff.

He got to go along on the gather and trail drive.


Look at his tulip ears!!


He followed Dally often…


This is the best trail to have a puppy on.  No cows on the fight, places to drink most of the way, downhill, and easy enough work (usually).  In fact, Dally’s first time was this drive with Lucas… the day I almost killed him.  Yeah, *that* day.  But this day was good… and Tuff did well.  He has much to learn, but he’s very young!  I imagine I’ll be taking more pics like this in the future!



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  1. When you go out on a trail do you ride from the ranch or take the horses in a truck to get near the cows, and then ride ’em down?

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