Vernon puts some fall nitrogen on the fields, just like you do on your lawn… Just with bigger equipment!  I’ve been working on my studio a bit, though I feel guilty about neglecting my “real” work on the house and lawn.  I kept meaning to pull out my paintbrush and get to work on some trim… I really did…

But I dug my carrots.  I pulled the tomato buckets up.  I raked some leaves and loaded them on my hugelkultur bed.  I cut some of my scrap wood into lengths that will fit in my wood stove.  I scraped some paint off window frames.  I took the dogs for a walk.  Hey, I *did* mean to paint on my house…  and I’ll regret not doing it when the snow flies… but 77˚!  I didn’t want to stay in just one spot!

The dogs had fun!  I need to be more like them… no guilt, just enjoy the moment!

Besides, the puppies sleep so much better after a couple hours of zoooooom!



Zoooooom — 5 Comments

  1. Such pretty, pretty zoom meisters! Live entertainment at its best. I bet you do want to share more of it with us, no? In the form of a little video?? 😉

  2. Love seeing the puppies having fun together! Zoom!
    And after all you did today (zoom) in 77 degree weather, I think you should sleep fine. 🙂 Nice and cool here in WNY with a lot of autumn color to enjoy.

  3. Oh yes. I’d be outside with temps of 77F. We have temps in the 50’s, not cold but with gales and heavy rain. Trains will be delayed due to ‘leaves on the line’. People will drive too fast for road conditions. And all day it will be a ‘bad hair day’. Enjoy the sunshine Carol.

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