Meet the new addition to the menagerie.  She’s tiny, has no name yet (!) and, hopefully, is a good mouser!  My studio and chicken coop are overrun with mice… and there’s some in my house… which will probably get worse with winter coming.  Now that she’s used to being fed in my studio, she’s getting kicked out, but hopefully staying around there.  I *don’t* want a cat in my house, but I *do* want a cat I can throw in the chicken coop, or in my basement for a short visit with some “unfortunate” mice!

She’s not overly tame, but you can pick her up for about 5 seconds!  She doesn’t mind being petted, so she may tame down a bit more.

As we were enjoying the sunset… Eden had to come see what was going on.

cat and Eden

Cat can stand up for herself!  Eden then proceeded to climb up some scrap lumber outside and…

cat and Eden 2

I can’t believe she crawled in my window!  What a nut!!!!

cat and Eden 3

A cat and a dog holding truce on my table in my studio…



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  1. You should really have a few cats…one for each building. And indoor cats are WONDERFUL! (I have 3) They are great snugglers and keep you warm in the winter! 🙂

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