Light and Shadow

Seems like I’m just buzzing around like a bee, taking care of these twins!  There’s trips to the park, and story time at the library, and a walk (WALK!) to the store to buy a pumpkin, jack-o-lantern carving, and dog walking and reading and baths and cooking and cleaning and laundry…


I’ll take them back to Ten Sleep with me tomorrow, where we can repeat a Halloween story time, etc. except at MY house!

I’ve talked about the trip over to Kaycee a few times… it’s pretty much guaranteed to give me a pic that I love.  Coming over the last time didn’t fail me.  I do prefer this dirt road to the highway…


I liked the resemblance between the layers of clouds and the rimrocks and the trees…


And Wyoming is very good at playing with light and shadow…



Light and Shadow — 6 Comments

  1. Beautiful! About those twins…I guess their mom and dad are out of town…and I’m sure it keeps you busy! HOWEVER, I do envy you since our grands grew up before we knew it, being 1,000 and 1500 miles away!

  2. Always, your picture are breath taking. Just a hint on pumpkin carving—use a cookie cutter and a wooden hammer. Clean pumpkin out, of course. Then pick out a cookie cutter you would like to use. Place, in spot, hit with hammer. Just thought I would share.

  3. They are beautiful photos Carol. I checked out my Wyoming map of 2009 and guessed what route you would take. East on 16, then south on I25, but not sure if your dirt road is marked on the map. How long a journey is it? Do the twins travel well? My youngest was always sick when travelling the bends of Wales on holiday. Have a lovely time with your little ones.

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