Hitting the Wall

I was going to link to my pictures of Kaycee’s Red Wall the other day… of course, they were ones not restored yet!  Then I began to kick myself, because when I came down from the Big Horn Mountains the other day… the sunset was glowing on the Red Wall, and it was PERFECT.  Did I take pics???  No… because Carol said, “Gee, I have photos of the Wall, how many more photos of the Wall do I need????”  Sometimes, Carol isn’t thinking…

So, yesterday, as I drove back up over the mountains, I decided to take a few shots.  The light wasn’t exceptional, but, by golly, I wasn’t gonna miss another chance!

After a two lane highway and a good gravel road, you come to this cattle guard.  Nothing too special about it, the surrounding hills are grass and sagebrush covered.  Typical Wyoming.  You *can* see the Slip Road winding its way up the steep incline.  It’s an amazing road now… the first time I went on it *back in the day*, you had a tough pickup with high clearance and four wheel drive and you crept along about 3 miles an hour because any faster would have rattled your teeth loose or your skull would have dented the top of the cab when you hit the next rock!  Now… pssssht!  Smooth sailing!


Cross that cattle guard and go about 30 more feet.  Look in the mirror to make sure you’re out of the way if someone comes up behind you… then look to your right.

red wall

You’ve breached the Wall!  You’re officially in Hole in the Wall country!  Now, sidetrack I must, because Hollywood makes you think Hole in the Wall means HOLE.  Like, narrow mysterious entrance!  There are plenty of places that could be defended by a bad guy or two if you wanted to follow a deer trail into this area… but to old timers… Hole meant Valley.  Jackson’s Hole (aka Jackson, Wyoming) is Jackson’s Valley… he found it, he trapped beaver in it, it was his spot!  This is the valley beyond the wall.  Looking left, you see the same thing… but the best view of the Red Wall?  Start climbing the Slip Road.

Now, I could have continued this panorama for a few more shots, but… gee… I think you get the idea!


In the center of this composition is the road and cattleguard crossing the Wall where we first began…

It’s GORGEOUS country…

and if you ever find yourself “hitting the wall”… pray it’s in Red Wall Country!


Hitting the Wall — 7 Comments

  1. With all that natural beauty and colors enjoy, I would be happy to “hit the wall” there!! Your photos just speak peace and quiet. I am “drinking in”
    the vistas with such a yearning to visit Wyoming again. Maybe someday…

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